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Highwood Stud, Off Shay Lane, Walton, Wakefield, West Yorkshire. WF2 6PR


For details of all forthcoming auctions, we can now offer full details of all the fantastic horses available, DVD's and auction catalogues. Assistance with buying at the auction, accommodation, flights etc and after care available throughout the UK and Ireland. Choice of up to 100 horses all with full vet check and x-rays available for inspection.

Please call Caroline on 07901 826707

We have built up a good relationship with long standing German breeders, and in doing so have direct access to some of the finest stock. We purchase mainly three and four year old horses, which have generally been backed.

In Germany the breeding system is such that the stallions and mares are performance tested - we base a proportion of their success in this when considering buying a young horse. We choose horses from breeding lines which have passed their performance test with a high rideability index, and from lines which are known for their soundness - these include such stallions as Rubinstein, Donnerhall, Weltmeyer.

Many new stallions are graded each year, these offer a mixture of old and modern breeding, and we can purchase younger horses for clients should they wish.

At Highwood Stud we can offer excellent facilities, personal care and attention along with a fully tailored Individual work routine for every horse.

We offer a full competition or sales livery for clients wishing to send their horses both long or short term, please contact Caroline to discuss your requirements.

We have had the most amazing 2011 season, Habanero has won his first advanced class and qualified for the regionals at Medium and Advance Medium Level. We took him to Fry's and although a little tense in the Medium he was more settled in the Advanced Medium and we were second and qualified for the Nationals !!

Remarkable one of my favourite horses, bought from Germany as a 2yr old and competed until he was sold at the age of 9, he has formed a fantastic partnership with Young rider Jess Knapton, the pair have competed Internationally this year as members of the Junior Team.

Dressage training tips for a happy horse

The exact day when the first horse was ridden is unknown. But what we know for sure is that horses helped us a lot throughout history. Humans have used horses for agriculture, in wars, to fight against their enemies, for transportation purposes, in races and even for the simple pleasure of riding horseback. Our vast experience has helped us to achieve complex acknowledge and we now know how to train horses efficiently and in a painless manner.

Useful advices for horse riders

Dressage of a horse is a very serious business these days. A series of movements will be performed and the rider will connect with the horse in a very strong bond. But until they will reach to this point they will have to do certain things. When they hear “horse dressage”, not everyone understands the gymnastic phenomenon of engagement. In other words, the biomechanics of the rider and horse will connect and interact harmoniously, delivering stability and balanced results.

Yet not all riders establish this type of connection with their trained horses. Instead of focusing on their work, they are superficial and try to impress their London escort. But a dedicated horse rider knows that a good dressage begins with finding the best position to connect with the horse that is about to be trained. This position will have to promote engagement, so walking the horse on a loose rein is a good point to start from.

The rider should focus on their seat’s interaction with the movement. The back has to stretch with every stride and it is a stable movement that will relax your horse. In case your lower back does not stretch, you have to switch your position so you can stretch your lumbar back every stride. Then you must ensure that you support your seat in the tuck stage. The abdominal muscles have to be engaged as well if you want to ride horseback correctly.

Enjoy horseback riding

The horse can hollow when he’s stretching out each hind-leg. To keep your balance, you have to push your abdomen forward and try not to hollow together with your horse. But in time you will become able to predict this move – and that the horse will slow down and raise his back when he wants to stretch his head and neck down. When this will occur, pay attention not to block him in front with the rein contact.

Whether you try to ride horseback in London or somewhere else, these advices are available for anyone and anywhere. It is the basis of any good dressage, but you will have to learn how to use the seat in order to initiate engagement. Whisper to the ear of your horse, tell him that he can trust you then once you sit in the correct position in your seat work on the horse basic gaits. Walk, trot and canter until you have a smooth movement together and be certain that both of you and your horse will feel comfortable when performing these gaits. Head to the closest horse riding club and put these advices into practice!